The Enemy Of Ethiopia: Tigreans


Hatred for Ethiopia and Ethiopians can’t be accepted nor tolerated


I don’t think we can live together anymore on the basis of the current status quo. The Tigrean ethnic has been waging an anti-Ethiopia war against all ethnics in Ethiopia for the last 26 years but things have changed in the last 3 years since the Oromo revolution. We are hearing daily news that non-Tigreans are being attacked in Tigray and already 17 have died this week alone.

Amhara, Argobba and Oromos have been targeted in Tigray while regional government refuses to apprehended those responsible. It’s obvious that the Tigray regional state has collapses into ancarhy and the criminals also the regional government work hand in hand to ensure that non-Tigreans are killed inside their own region. The current problems are due to the violence that has been waged against Ethiopains since the formation of TPLF on federal level which is controlled by the party. The TPLF in-fact has complete control over Ethiopia because it never surrenders the gun. One of the difference between OPDO-ANDM-SEPDM and TPLF is simple, one has the gun and the other doesn’t. What allowed the TPLF this mighty power to kill Ethiopians not only in Tigray but everywhere is the fact 6% percent controls the security sector, army and intelligence.

Tigray and TPLF are the same, Tigreans and TPLF are also the same. The Tigrean people united with TPLF and yes, I don’t think the Arena Tigray party too seriously. The TPLF represents Tigrean views just as the OLF represents Oromo views. That is why I don’t look support toward them so, rather saying TPLF is the enemy. It’s better to be direct and call out the Tigreans who are killing our brothers and sisters inside Tigray.

The solution to the problem has always been there. Oromia region must stop the Meles Zenawi nonsense. The reforms must hit the “Ethiopian Ministry Of Education”  and Oromo ethnics should learn close to their homes in Oromia and not in Tigray just as the Amharas should stay in Amhara region and learn close to their parents. This solution helps families and plus students who don’t wish to be part of an experiment.

The federal government is sending students to their deaths, Tigray is a death sentence for non-Tigreans like the Amharas, Argobbas and Oromos.